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L2 Shilen Information

Everything you need to know about our Server!

How to play?


Download our system folder in order to play on Shilen server:

View: >>> Download Section <<<

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Server Features

XP: 15x

SP: 30x

Adena: 500x

Drop: 0x

Spoil: 0x

Quest Drop: 2x

Quest Reward: 1000x

Manor: 3x

RaidBoss Drop: 5x

Epic Jewel Drop 8x

Party Bonus XP: 10x

Safe Enchant: +6

Maximum Armor Enchant: +18

Maximum Weapon Enchant: +11

Destruction Scroll: 60% Success Rate

Attribute (Element) Stone: 90% Success Rate




Buff durability: 5 Hours

Max Buffs: 24 + 12

Available Buffs: 

Prophecy of Might, Battle Ditty, 

Protective Ditty, Mass Mana Gain, 

Limited Ranged Weapon Resistance, 

Regular Iss Enchanter Buffs (Melodies, Dances, Harmonys)

GM Shop

Armor Sets availalbe!

Weapons are not available!



Karma Penalty, Weight Penalty, Grade Penalty, No Clan Penalty!


Server Stats!

HDD, Ram, CPU..............

Server location

Current location of the game server.

Need help? Contact us!

Use this simple form to contact our support and we try to help asap.