XP 15x
XP (Party) 10x
SP 30x
Adena 999x
Drop 1x
Spoil 1x
Quest Drop 2x
Quest Reward 999x
Manor 1x
Raid Boss Drop 10x
Epic Jewels Drop 8x
Maximum Armor Enchant +18
Maximum Weapon Enchant +11
Enchant Success Rate 60%
Attribute (Element) Stone 90%



Buff Durability 5 Hours
Maximum Buff 24 + 12
Available Buffs Prophecy of Might, Battle Ditty, Protective Ditty, Mass Mana Gain, Limited Ranged Weapon Resistance, Regular Iss Enchanter Buffs (Melodies, Dances, Harmonys)


Armor Shop Moirai Armor Set: Light, Robe + Sigil, Heavy + Shield
Weapon Shop Weapons will be unavailable!

Appearance Stones

Style Items


Metal Suit (+Active Skill: Blessed Resurrection),

Ninja Suit (+ Insvisible Skill: You're invisible and safe from unprovoked monsters, speed -10%. Not hidden from players),

Dark Assassin Suit (+Hide Skill)


Cost for Appearance Stones: 1000 Adena


Karma Penalty, Weight Penalty, Grade Penalty, No Clan Penalty!


Server Stats!
System Windows 8.1
CPU Intel Core i7-5820K | @3.30 GHz
Mainboard X99S-SLI
Datapack L2JUnity [https://forums.l2junity.org]